Best Home Deals

RCE Slider 1ANo doubt, today’s housing market is still dominated by the buyer. All shapes, sizes, location and condition of homes continue to be bought and sold. However, with that being said, the market remains a bit sluggish and buyers continue to grind on the sale price rather than recognizing that interest rates are still very low. I’ll be the first one to be sure that my buyers get a good deal.

If you remember the movie, “Wall Street” (1987), the Realtor bragged to the character, Bud Fox, that she thought she could lock in a loan interest rate of 18%. WOW. In 2006, ’07, ’08 & ’09, home owners were scrambling to get a re-fi at 6.75%. Today, the rates are hovering around 4.25%. If more 1st time home buyers would recognize this aspect, it it likely that they would take advantage of this. It is doubtful that these rates will ever be this low again.

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