How can you buy a rental property with a Tax-Deferred Exchange?

RentalYou probably know several people who have at least one rental property. Often it’s a parents’ home that the adult children have inherited.

What they may not know is they can sell that property – tax-free – for a place they could vacation a few weeks a year. Another option: They could sell the home and purchase a share of an apartment building.

Would this interest you?

As a RE/MAX agent, I can explain how to use a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, sometimes known as a Starker Exchange, to “trade” one investment property for another if you follow some simple guidelines.

Think about it… it’s a golf-course condo a few weeks a year for you, then a rental to others the rest of the year. Let’s take some time to discuss and see what’s possible. Let an Agent who knows guide you!