Why Winter is the Best Time to Buy


With temperatures dropping and the holiday season in full swing, buying a home might seem an unlikely decision.

However, there are five great reasons why winter is the PERFECT time for potential buyers to buy a house.

  1.  MOTIVATED SELLERS  Homes for sale in the winter are easier to negotiate due to many sellers relocating. Use this to your advantage and get a favorable deal.
  2. BARGAIN PRICES  Buying in the winter increases your purchasing power, because home prices are usually at an annual low.  You’ll get more bang for your buck if you buy now.
  3. THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IS YOURS  Fewer buyers equates to less competition. Bidding wars are also less likely which means you’ll have keys-in-hand in no time.
  4. SEASONAL PERSPECTIVE  You’ll purchase with a peace of mind. Knowing that the home is well-insulated from the cold and its heating system works properly.  That will save you time and money later.
  5. REALTORS ARE AVAILABLE  Home sales are generally low in the winter months. Your real estate agent and lender will be more accessible to ensure a quick and smooth transaction.