4 Areas to Boost Spring Market Curb Appeal

paint brushMany focus solely on the inside of their homes and forget about curb appeal – you know, the way a home looks from the curb? While it may be challenging for sellers to understand the idea of investing in a home they are leaving, the goal is to sell and get top dollar.

While your client may not be prepared to invest in some of these items, at the very least, be sure the landscaping has been tended to and the siding is clean and intact.

So let’s take a look at the 4 places money can best be spent outside:

Landscaping and Lighting

gardenSpice up the exterior of the home with a freshly manicured lawn, new shrubbery, colorful flowers and top it off with lighting. New shrubs and a crisp lawn won’t show well in the dark so install some outdoor lighting and call attention to the great new place that just happens to be ready to buy.

Don’t forget to shine a light on the house numbers – buyers can’t take note of the address if it can’t been seen.

Siding and Paint

Make sure the siding or paint is clean and not cracking or peeling. At the very least you want the outside of the home to be clean. If your clients aren’t in a position to replace or repaint the exterior of the home you can always use a power washer to spruce up siding or a hose to clean up exterior paint.

New Doors and Windows

If a home is dated, new windows and doors can give the home a cleaner, newer look – in the end more appealing to your potential buyers. If the sellers are on a budget then you might want to consider a new coat of paint; a fresh new look will breathe life back into weathered windows and doors.

Your Roof

A damaged roof is cause for concern and is best addressed immediately. Replacing a roof will be something that will appeal to buyers as it’s a big ticket item they would rather not deal with in just a few short years. Also, with a new roof comes a new asking price – that’s right this will increase the value of the home.

At the end of the day you’ll want potential buyers to want to walk into the home and the only way to do this is to draw them in with an attractive exterior.