Leisure_2016_Victoria_SET_8_VICTORIA_6_SEATER_DINING_SET_CAMEO_BBQ_7For food lovers, sunny weather means one thing – fire up the barbecue. Dining al fresco is a summer treat that’s guaranteed to create a buzz amongst your family and friends.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re only cooking a handful of hamburgers for your closest loved ones, or hosting an epic party to remember – the BBQ buffet has to deliver.

Where will you be using your barbecue?

Are you going to be doing the majority of your cooking in your own garden? Or will you take it wth you for picnics and camping?

Many in our range come with handles and wheels so you can easily move them around. But if you’re going to be transporting it alot, consider the size and weight of your barbecue and how you’ll be getting it in and out of your car.

When deciding where to place your barbecue, make sure there are no low-hanging plants or tree branches close by. And remember that they’re not recommended for balconies or to be placed on artificial grass (as it will melt).

How many people will you be cooking for?

Almost all of our barbecues are designed to cook enough food for four people or more, but the bigger the grill size, the better it will be to cater for larger groups or parties. Look for more than one grill level if you want to be able to cook several different types of food at once – if for example you want to separate out vegetables or fish from your meat.

If you’re looking to create the feel of an outdoor kitchen, explore a BBQ with a side burner so that you can boil vegetables or make rice without having to go back indoors.

Gas barbecues

For complete control over the temperature, as well as the ease of being able to start cooking with one click, choose a gas barbecue. Unlike a charcoal option, they’re ready to start cooking almost immediately. Gas barbecues have a generous cooking area making them ideal when cooking for larger groups, and they’re easy to clean afterwards.

Charcoal barbecues

For the authentic barbecue experience and flavour, grab a charcoal barbecue. While they take a little more time to be ready – you’ll need to wait at least 20 minutes after lighting before you can begin cooking – the ritual of getting one going is what outdoor cooking is all about.

Masonry barbecues

For a permanent charcoal option, explore our masonry barbecues. They’re ideal if you want to enjoy as much outdoor cooking as possible, and help create the feel of an outdoor kitchen. Why not do so by growing a herb garden safely nearby so that you can easily grab herbs to add to your food when cooking? Masonry barbecues can double up as a patio heater in colder weather and our range is available exclusively online.

To get the best out of your barbecue, pick up a couple of extra items.

Barbecue fuel

Make sure your barbecue doesn’t burn out halfway through cooking your sausages by having fuel on hand. Choose from charcoallogs and gas canisters (available instore only), dependent on what type of barbecue you have. Charcoal BBQs will also need firelighters or a chimney starter to get the fire going.

Be sure that any extra fuel is kept a good distance away from your barbecue when it is lit.

Barbecue cooking tools

Prepare delicious food on your barbecue with the help of our wide range of cooking accessories. From smokers to grill basketsdigital thermometers, to tool sets and even kit for preparing pizzarotisserie poultry and meat and home-made burgers – our cooking tools will help you look and feel like a professional chef.