Living_Hallway_01When you open the door to your friends and family, you want to feel proud of your home. As they say, first impressions counts. If your stair carpet, skirting boards and floors have seen better days, then it’s time to give your hallway the facelift it needs.

The illusion of space

The secret to making a small space feel bigger is light. You can really open up your hallway, however narrow it might appear to be. Think light colours, light patterns and neutral tones.

Also, banish the clutter. If your hallway has become a dumping ground for your family’s shoes and coats then it is time to get creative. A key box on your wall is the ideal place to hang your keys when you get home. Or why not create a console table using MDF? You can create separate space for shoes and bags so they are hidden from view.

Walls, floors and beyond

Hallways are high traffic areas – so it’s best to save that cream coloured carpet for the bedroom or living room. Wood, laminate and especially floor tiles are the way to go. Pick a colour that won’t show those muddy boot and paw prints too badly, busy family life doesn’t leave much room for constant floor mopping. As for interior doors that lead to other rooms, simply refresh their paintwork, or treat yourself to some new internal doors.

Make an entrance

If you want your hall to glisten, a glass chandelier will really impress, especially if you have high ceilings. There is nothing to say you can’t be bold. Why not paint your skirting boards with bright, metallic colours. Finish off with jewelled picture frames on walls leading upstairs, or simply add a feature wall full of family snaps.

Top tip… Add an elegant full-length gilt or silver mirror for a touch more glitz. This feature will also make your hallway appear wider and lighter too.

Style your staircase

Styling or revamping your staircase doesn’t have to be costly or difficult. There are plenty of ways to spruce up your staircase at a fraction of the cost. Wood stains are the ideal way to re-colour your spindles and balustrade. But if you feel as if your spindles have seen better days then replacing them with new ones won’t cost the earth either. If it’s just your banisters that look a bit gloomy then consider a lick of paint – or changing them for something fresh, like a chrome finish. If you choose to stick with wood then make the most of its natural warmth and character with a clear varnish or light wood stain.

Top tip… add a flair of regency style to your home by adding stair edging.

Stair flair

If you want to really enhance your staircase then think about lighting. Wall lights following the curve of the stairs can really enhance the wall space and the fittings can complement your styling. Spot lights shining up through the step can add some essential lighting into darker hallways and emphasise the textures within the wood.

Finally, you can add dramatic effects to your staircase and hallway with wallpaper and photo frames. Why not make the wall leading upstairs your feature wall? Damask prints or bright colours can make a really bold statement. Add a variety of mismatched photo frames with photos of your family to really highlight your personality.

It doesn’t take a lot to transform a room, so why not make those first impressions lasting ones with your hallway.