Introducing HomeReady® Mortgage

SolutionFannie Mae’s Enhanced Affordable Lending Option Serving the Diverse Needs of Today’s Homebuyers

Fannie Mae has reinvigorated its commitment to responsibly help lenders extend affordable mortgage financing to qualified homebuyers. We offer an industry-leading combination of mortgage products, tools, and informative resources to create and grow sound business opportunities for lenders and sustainable homeownership opportunities for consumers.

Our priority is a safe, responsible balance between expanded access to mortgage financing and the long-term viability of today’s mortgage loans—limiting risk to lenders, investors, homeowners, and taxpayers. Our goal is straightforward: to work with lenders to make mortgages more accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

Accessible: Helping creditworthy homebuyers qualify for a mortgage

Fannie Mae works with lenders to serve qualified homebuyers who may have difficulty getting approved for a home loan in today’s market. We offer the mortgage products, underwriting guidelines, and lender tools that help limit risk and increase confidence as lenders make approval decisions. We support homebuyers with resources to help them navigate the mortgage process.

Affordable: Limiting the up-front and monthly costs of mortgages

Fannie Mae has established product flexibilities allowing lower down payments and competitive monthly costs—addressing key financial barriers for many homebuyers. Low down payments are supported by other common-sense requirements, including income verification, debt-to-income maximums, a good credit history, and in many cases pre-purchase counseling.

Sustainable: Supporting the long-term success of homebuyers

Fannie Mae wants a homebuyer’s mortgage to be affordable on the day they buy their home and for the life of their loan. This is a key requirement for today’s affordable lending, achieved by verifying a homebuyer’s financial readiness, and offering products that fit their financial needs. Combined with tools that help lenders manage risk, Fannie Mae and the industry are able to serve a dynamic housing market.

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