We Did What the Defense Attorney Could Not Do!

20160511_131803Meet our client Oscar. When he was referred to us in the beginning of April 2016, he was literally on the edge of losing his home. He had spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to keep his home but had no success.

Unfortunately, he was injured at work and his employer refused his workman’s compensation benefits. That is when he depleted his savings and fell behind with his mortgage. After surgical treatment and months of recovery, he was able to take a new position and begin full time employment.

He had tried to obtain a Loan Modification by himself with no success. He turned to a Foreclosure Defense Attorney who took his money but “continued” the Foreclosure process. He was told he could not qualify for a modification.

After meeting him and discussing his situation, we decided we could help him. The long and short of it is that Oscar has been granted a Loan Modification. Today, May 11th, 2016, his Foreclosure was delayed to allow him time to make his trial payments. After that, he will receive a permanent modification and his order for foreclosure will be dismissed.

We are so happy for Oscar. If you know someone in trouble or someone who could benefit from our services, please pass our information along.