Top-Notch Tailgating Tips

tailgateheaderFor millions of people, football is an integral part of the holiday season, as high school, college, and pro football teams create their own unique level of excitement and local pride during the autumn and winter seasons.

To join in the excitement, many enjoy the long-held tradition of tailgating before the games. However, hosting the ultimate game-day football tailgate takes a lot of food, drinks, accessories, and planning. To get started, use this quick reference tailgating guide to get the game-day essentials for your tailgate, plus planning advice.

tailgateguideEvery good coach also knows that attention to detail is important for success, especially when you have a team (of fellow fans, in this case) depending on you. Download and print out this tailgating essentials checklist to make sure you have all your Xs and Os in order so you can keep your eyes on the prize—an unforgettable tailgating experience!