Play Fetch with an Upcycled Dog Toy

dogtoy_headerAs any dog owner knows, dogs love to play more than anything—and will play with just about anything. So keep it simple by making this dog toy, which is not only fun for any dog but also eco-friendly! You’ll use basic items from around the house to make this simple toy, which will keep your pooch occupied and is a great takeaway party favor for man’s best friend.


  • Scissors
  • T-shirt scraps in contrasting colors


  1. Cut the fabric into 24 pieces that each measure 1 inch wide by 20 inches long. Cut 2 extra pieces of material in any size; you will use these pieces to secure the ends.
  2. Gather your fabric, and tie one of the extra pieces around the top. Your knot should be tight and secure.
  3. Distribute the bound pieces into three even sections, and braid the pieces together tightly.
  4. Once you reach the ends of the fabric, grab the remaining extra piece of fabric, and tie tightly around the end of the braid. Your knot should be tight and secure.


Note: This toy can vary in size as much as dogs do, so don’t be afraid to adjust the length and quantity to be specific to your pup’s needs. For smaller dogs, reduce the length to 12 inches and quantity of strips to only 15 pieces.