Still Feeling the Mortgage Pinch???

Assemble all the pieces!

Has your 10/1 ARM come due? Or how about your HELOC?

Need a remedy? Read this before it is too late!


The most common benefit to the homeowner is the prevention of foreclosure because loss mitigation works to either relieve the homeowner of the burden or create a mortgage resolution that is financially sustainable for the homeowner.  Lenders benefit by mitigating the losses they would incur through foreclosing on the homeowner by stabilizing the risk of the loss to the lender.

This Program is a nationwide initiative that has been put together to help homeowners that are behind on their mortgage payments, and to help them take advantage of their rights and options, especially under the new legislation.

Our loss mitigation team works to negotiate mortgage terms for the homeowner that will prevent foreclosure.  These new terms are typically obtained through loan modification, short sale negotiation, short refinance negotiation, deed in lieu of foreclosure, cash-for-keys negotiation, repayment plan, forbearance, or other loan work-out.

We simply reach out to homeowners that may or may not be behind on their mortgage so that they can benefit from this program that is available to them.

This program is designed to stop your foreclosure, eliminate your mortgage debt entirely, and to save your credit.  That’s our goal.  That may or may not require you to sell your home.

This is not a government program, but the government has passed legislation, and that legislation was passed to encourage homeowners to exercise their rights and options.  Our goal then, is to find the best strategy for your personal needs and goals. Our initial consultation is free of charge. We do not get paid anything if we do not help you. Ready to find the right answers to the pieces of the puzzle? Feel free to give us a call.

Red Carpet Enterprises, Inc. wants all homeowners to be educated, get the information you need, and understand all of the options available. For free federal assistance and information please visit;


RCE is in no way affiliated with any government or municipal organization or entity. Red Carpet Enterprises, Inc. follows ALL applicable Federal, State, County, and Municipal laws and ordinances. RCE has worked on behalf of homeowners with Mortgage Servicers for over 8 years and has a very successful track record, but RCE does not guarantee the favorable or positive results of any consultation, negotiations, or any other interaction with your Mortgage Servicer.