How to Create a Marshmallow Snowman

Snowmen have always been one of the more fun images of winter, as they literally stand in snowy landscapes as symbols of wintertime happiness. And snowmen have become even more popular in recent years, thanks mostly to Olaf, the lovably goofy snowman in Frozen.

Now you can bring the snowman enjoyment inside—for both kids and adults—with this recipe for a marshmallow snowman! Put him together and rest him on top of your kids’ hot chocolate or your homemade gingerbread latte for a fun added touch to a warm winter’s drink.


  • 3 marshmallows
  • 3 pretzel sticks
  • black gel food coloring


  1. Break 1 pretzel stick into 4 pieces: 3 equal pieces and one small piece. Keep the small piece for later, and use the 3 larger pieces to attach the 3 marshmallows together, angling the bottom 2 so that the marshmallows sit.
  2. Break the other 2 pretzel sticks in half. Put 2 pieces in the sides of the middle marshmallow to make arms, and put the other 2 in the bottom marshmallow as legs.
  3. Put the small pretzel in the middle of the top marshmallow as the nose, and use the black gel to make the eyes, mouth, and buttons. Your marshmallow man is ready to take a refreshing float atop your latte!