DIY Mudroom Ideas: Organizing Tips for Winter Gear

Easy DIY mudroom ideas for keeping messy winter stuff organized.

With admirable upcycling ingenuity, 28-ounce food cans become helpful storage cubbies on the back of a door — perfect for stuffing with soft wintry hats and gloves. Remove labels with hot water and some isopropyl alcohol to get rid of stubborn glue, and file off any metal burrs on the inside lip of the can. Screw the cans to a mounting board and get ready for organized bliss.


With a smallish entryway and no real back door, this homeowner had to get creative when it came to dealing with winter gear, especially boots. The solution: a combo bench and boot rack that keeps drippy footwear off the floor. The bench is perfect for changing into or out of boots, and a cloth mat catches excess water before it can hit the floor.


A simple over-the-door shoe organizer ($13 to $25) is great for storing (and organizing) hats and gloves. Get clear plastic so everyone can see what’s what at a glance. Also perfect for stashing orphaned mittens until a mate finally appears.


A plastic tray filled with a layer of black river rocks ($3 for 28-ounce bag at craft stores) lets boots drip dry inside without messing up floors. Got some four-legged friends? Leave space on the tray for dog booties ($12 for a pack of 12) that’ll keep paws dry and warm your heart.


Keep messes and drips outside with a homemade boot rack. This rustic version features trimmed tree branches, complete with bark. Upright branches are screwed in place from underneath the long support. Parking your boots (or wellies, if you’re English Canadian or a Brit) upside down ensures good drainage and prevents snow and other precipitation from getting inside.