Pet-Friendly Listings are All the Rage

We Americans love our pets. So much so, that we’re willing to spend big bucks to accommodate them.

More than half of all animal lovers surveyed by the National Association of Realtors said they undertook home renovations to make fluffy or Felix happier. About 23% installed a fence in the backyard, 10% added a dog door, and 12% installed laminate flooring. For contractors, that’s good news, but it’s also good news for Realtors.

Pet-friendly homes are an untapped marketing niche.

If your home seller has a pet and house that is especially tricked-out with pet-friendly additions, it’s your job to market that house to another pet-lover.

A whopping 53% of consumer decisions are influenced by pet policies. Does the homeowner’s association allow pets? Market the positive. More than 60% of those surveyed said finding a property that allows pets is difficult. It’s your job as a real estate professional to make it easy. Market your worth. Your knowledge of the area so that buyers are spinning their wheels looking that properties that make them chose between views and their furry companion. Truth is, those buyers would rather skip that property than get rid of their pet. Nearly all surveyed said they see their pet as a family member.

Market This:

  • Yard — If your new listing has a completely fenced in yard with room to roam, highlight those features. Take additional photos of the backyard. Show where the kennel is located or dogs running in the yard, separate from the flowerbeds, of course.  Show that this house can accommodate not just it’s owners, but it’s companions.
  • Floors — Laminate floors is the flooring of choice for pet lovers. Carpet gets stained, wood warps and bamboo get scratched and dinged. If your listing is already equipped with laminate floors, highlight that feature in your remarks. For example: “Pet-friendly laminate floors” is all you need to say so buyers know this property is targeting them.
  • Bath — While most entry level homes won’t have a separate washing station for dogs, it has become a requested feature in high-end homes. So, if you’re lucky enough to represent a seller who installed a doggy shower, play it up!
  • Proximity — Near a nature path, pet store, pet grooming facility? Mention it! There was a time when mentioning that a listing was located near a Starbucks was all the rage, now, it’s Petsmart.
Posted on Feb 16, 2017 by Chrystal Caruthers