9 Feelings That Are Totally Normal When You Sell Your House

Selling a home has its moments of joy and frustration.

Here’s what most people experience.


  1. EXCITEMENT  Hooray! We’re selling our house and moving to our dream home.

  2. ANXIETY  Will anyone want our home? Is it worth our asking price?

  3. DELIGHT  This is our house? Who knew staging could make it look so great?

  4. DISAPPOINTMENT  Nooooo. This is all someone thinks our house is worth? Will a decent offer ever arrive?

  5. ELATION  Hoorah! We accepted an offer! We’re going to move.

  6. WORRY  What if the appraisal is too low? Or the inspection goes bad?

  7. RELEIF  Phew–it’s official! The selling process is finally behind us.

  8. SADNESS  Our time in this home is really over. We’re walking away from so many happy memories.

  9. JOY  It’s really done! On to our future!