4 Hilarious Thanksgiving Mishaps

Exploding turkey fryers. Awkward dinner conversations. Relatives showing up unannounced. At some point, we’ve all had an unexpected Thanksgiving experience, right?

Sure, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to take a step back and think about the things we’re grateful for. It’s also a great time to enjoy family and create memories.

But sometimes, the holidays have a way of creating memories for a different reason.

We asked Dave’s Facebook fans about some of their hilarious Thanksgiving mishaps, and they responded in full force:

1. A Very Frozen Feast

My friend was renting a little house where only two of the stove burners worked and the oven door was permanently jammed shut. So we decided to order turkey, dressing and sweet potato casserole from the grocery store.

We went on Thanksgiving morning to pick the food up and discovered that all of it—including the 30-pound turkey—was precooked but frozen solid!

It was 9 a.m. and we had about 10 people coming at noon. We didn’t know what to do! Finally, one of us had the great idea to break up the turkey. So we took a hammer and a screwdriver and tore that frozen turkey apart. We wrapped it in foil and put it into the hot fireplace.

We put the sweet potatoes and dressing right up next to the fire and turned them every now and then. Everyone showed up and raved about the “smoked turkey,” and we never told them that we beat it with a hammer and a screwdriver to get it ready! — Genie

2. The Flame-Throwing Turkey

I wanted to do something different one year, so I baked a ham with a bourbon glaze. I accidentally used twice the amount [of bourbon] needed. After baking for about 45 minutes, the alcohol vapor built up in the oven and exploded, blowing the door completely open.

A huge blue flame shot across the kitchen as we all shrieked and ducked! Thankfully nothing and no one was injured in any way! — Jill

3. Roasted Rubber Stuffing

A newlywed cousin (not known for her cooking skills) was determined to take on hosting our whole extended family one Thanksgiving. We all joked about her skills on the big day, taking bets on whether or not she had remembered to thaw the turkey, remove the giblet bag, and so on.

As the turkey roasted, it began smelling . . . well, strange. During the carving of the bird, Grandpa suddenly shouted, “What the heck?” He flipped the carcass over, revealing a round, black blob stuck to the underside.

It was the sink stopper! It apparently got wedged in the turkey during the initial rinsing of the bird. Roasted rubber was what we had smelled! Needless to say, we gave thanks for and thoroughly enjoyed our vegetarian feast. — J.W.

4. The Jail Bird

When my husband and I were newly married, a friend brought us a wild turkey he had killed. We were thrilled! I set about preparing it. The house smelled fantastic.

It was time to take it from the oven, and I was wrapping up all the little stuff to complete our feast. It was about then that our doorbell rang. It was the guy who gave us the turkey—and the game warden.

Apparently he had taken the turkey out of season and was in big trouble. They asked me to remove the turkey and bag it for them. We said goodbye to our Thanksgiving turkey and ate veggies and stuffing. I am quite certain someone enjoyed that turkey that year, but it wasn’t my family. — Gina

Isn’t Thanksgiving awesome? Even when the turkey explodes or the law takes your bird, at least you’ll have some unforgettable memories!

Article by Dame Ramsey