Clever DIY Ideas That’ll Transform Even the Ugliest Fireplace

The easiest one? This one, which uses stickers. Yes, stickers.

These are some serious stickers. Choosing the perfect decal design for your fireplace will be the biggest time commitment in this easy and inexpensive upgrade. It’s hard to believe, but these bad boys actually pull off the look and feel of tile. It’s a fireplace makeover with minimal effort and maximum impact.

Image: Charlotte Oakley

This  stately “before” hearth gets a modern makeover with concrete (next slide). And believe it or not, it was DIYed, even though it’s a bit of an in-depth project.

Image: Made by Deborah

It’s hard to believe this and the previous photo are of the same fireplace, right? The new look is both trendy and timeless, making the effort involved a smart investment. And, yes, a lot more went into this transformation than just the hearth swap.

Image: Made by Deborah

Not the roast-your-own-chestnuts type? A defunct firebox can still achieve that warm, cottage-y feel. Just stuff it with faux logs and surround it with cozy accent pieces.

Image: Morgan Spenla

Tile can turn a blah fireplace into the focal point of a home without any heavy masonry. This look isn’t just DIYable, it’s a way to create a truly custom look throughout your home. The homeowner who did this project used the same tile for a kitchen backsplash.

Image: Cathy Poshusta

Sometimes old, brick fireplaces can make a room feel unnecessarily dark. To fix this, just plaster over the fireplace surround and paint or whitewash. It lightens up everything and makes the whole room feel larger.

Image: Janice McCarty Design

Ready to get crafty? Tiles can be painted more easily than you might guess. What you see here is just primer and acrylic craft paint on new tile — plus a little creativity.

Image: Erin Souder of Earnest Home Co.