6 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom Like a Designer

Your master bathroom should be a cozy retreat where you can get comfortable and relax, and you want each guest bathroom in your home to feel stylish and inviting. From shower curtains to soap dispensers, the trick is to create an atmosphere that is private yet welcoming, all while reflecting your personal taste. This is why interior designers carefully select bathroom decorations and furnishings to perfectly capture that perfect look. Keep reading for inspiration to decorate your bathrooms like a professional designer would.

1.  Luxurious Spa Bathroom
Decorating your bathroom to look like a resort spa can make every day feel like a spa day. Spas are clean, orderly spaces, so everything in your bathroom should be assigned a shelf or cabinet, leaving your counters mostly bare and your floor uncluttered. To make the space feel tranquil and calm, stick to a simple color scheme by using a solid-color shower curtain and matching floor mats. Once your bathroom is in order, start filling it with luxurious decor. Use house plants for subtle color, put plush towels on display, and arrange jars of bath salts on the lip of your tub to promote relaxation. Finish the look with scented candles placed throughout the room.
2.  Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom
Image Provided by: Shades of Blue Interiors

Farmhouse style is all about homespun comfort, so it’s an excellent choice for any bathroom. To give your bathroom the look of a rustic country estate, use natural wood shelving, weathered decor accents, and white tile flooring. Faucets and drawer pulls should be made from polished copper or oil-rubbed bronze, and a large clawfoot tub can lend sophistication to the style. The shower curtain can be plain white or a dark shade of tan or blue. Feel free to place hand towels, decor accents, and potted flowers on the counter to make the space feel lived in, and use handsome wicker baskets to store bathroom essentials.

3.  Serene Transitional Bathroom

The colors and decorations of Transitional style can make your bathroom feel both stylish and peaceful. Teal, white, and blue dominate the style’s color palette and are typically interspersed with creams, browns, and gold-tone accents. When decorating your bathroom, find floor mats, towels, shelves, and accessories in a variety of these shades for a restful and alluring atmosphere. You can also use wicker baskets to store bathroom necessities on shelves like you would in a Rustic bathroom. After you’ve finished gathering your Transitional essentials, you can accent the decor with a handful of floral pieces on your shelves or beside the mirror.

4.  Tropical Oasis Bathroom

For an alluring space where you can relax as you bathe, bring the peaceful splendor of a tropical oasis into your bathroom. First, you’ll need a chandelier or lamp that produces warm, diffused light. Next, use hardwood flooring or sand-colored tile to get a Tropical aesthetic. You can also use tan floor mats for warmth underfoot. When shopping for shelves, find options made from authentic bamboo. If you want to have some fun with the style, use a shower curtain that features a lively palm tree pattern. For the sink, select a wide porcelain basin paired with rubbed bronze faucets. Lastly, fill the space with gorgeous ferns and hanging plants to perfect your secluded oasis.

5.  Glitzy Glam Bathroom

If your home decor is all about showy sophistication, then Glam style would be perfect for your bathroom. Chic silver- and gold-tones are the foundation of Glam decor, so your bathroom should feature golden faucets, shiny drawer pulls, and mirrors with glossy frames. Glam spaces are also well-lit to make the lustrous accents shine, so get a bright ceiling pendant or wall lamp for your bathroom. Charming glass ornaments, colorful toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers adorned with rhinestones can also fit right in. Soften the metallic shine of your decor with pink floormats and a floral shower curtain, and then ground the style with potted plants for natural beauty.

6.  Sleek Minimalist Bathroom

The simplicity and elegant comfort of Minimalist decor makes it an obvious choice for bathrooms with contemporary floorplans. Minimalism is often defined by what is missing rather than what is included. Decorations, for example, are almost non-existent in minimalist decor, and shelving often includes doors to keep toiletries and accessories out of sight. When decorating your bathroom, stick to a subdued color scheme with gold-tone hardware and natural wood elements. Walls should be unadorned, mats should blend in with the floor, and counters should only hold necessities like soap trays and toothbrush holders. The result will feel airy, free of distractions, and relaxing.