Preparing a Hoarder Home for Market

Sometimes, listing a home for sale can involve multiple moving parts.

Initially, I was invited to visit this 4 bedroom 2,5 bathroom property to meet the son and the daughter. When I had talked to the son on the phone to set the appointment, I had asked if there was anything I needed to know ahead of time. He said; “Yeah. My Mom is a hoarder”.

Upon visiting the property, I knew that this was going to be a big task. The son and daughter both told me that they did not know where to begin. I told them that I recommended bringing in a colleague who specializes in this type of situation. I also told them that we would meet again and map out a strategy to help them overcome their anxiety, sort through the household items and prepare the home for market.


I immediately called Maria Arsenijevich from Clearing Chaos. I explained the situation. We discussed not only the process of clearing the home of items and debris, but how to help the family emotionally deal with the stress and anxiety associated with the process.

The family seemed relieved to have direction and support from Maria and her crew, as well as, myself.

I know from watching the Hoarder programs on TV that this process seems like it may only take a few days or a week. So far, it has taken a crew of 6 more than 4 weeks to sort items that were to be donated, kept or discarded due to damage. As of yesterday, the crew had filled its 4th dumpster.

Maria and her crew have been absolutely amazing. They have systematically cleared each room, one at a time, carefully packing and labeling clothes, books, china, furniture, tools, etc. Maria is able to get books to places that are in need. The same is true for the clothing, dish ware, etc.


There is still more work to do. I am proud of the family for their patience, understanding and ability to stay focused on the project at hand. I am impressed by Maria and her crew. I look forward to the continued progress and hope that we might list this property by the end of January.

This is what I do for my clients. I will do it for you too!