Thank a Vet With Lunch!

This week we thank Steven Fay for his service to the United States Navy and our Country. Steve served in the United States Navy as a Ship Serviceman from 1994 – 1999.

Steve served aboard the USS Independence (Aircraft Carrier) and the USS Jarrett (Fast Frigat), His travels took him around the world but most of his time he was stationed near Japan.

Over lunch, Steve told us about his time aboard both ships. As a Ships Serviceman, Steve was responsible for Laundry, Vending and Barber details. More importantly, he was a member of the “Snoopy Team”. This special group keeps cameras by their sides and ears glued to the 1MC (Main Circuit Public Address System).

The Snoopy Team springs into action when they hear the words – “Away the Snoopy Team, away!” They rush topside with their cameras ready to document any unusual contacts the ship comes across.

“Our primary mission was to take pictures of any surface contact the ship may have,” said Steve. “Once we heard, ‘Away the Snoo-‘, we were gone. It’s that fast. We would have to drop whatever we were doing and make it up three decks and 10 levels in a matter of minutes.”

“Once we would get the call and start making our way up the ladderwells,” Steve said, “people realize we’re on Snoopy and just step to the side.”

“What we were really looking out for, for the most part, was the merchant traffic in the area whenever we were arriving or departing,” said Steve. “If we were away from the heavy traffic, whenever there is a ship in sight that hasn’t established contact with us, we would be called for Snoopy to see exactly what’s out there.”

“No matter what surface contact there was, we were up there getting those pictures, because it is number one priority to visually identify whatever is out there within sight,” Steve said. “It’s primarily for merchant purposes, but overall, it all comes down to situational awareness.”


As a past client and friend, we proudly thank Steve for his service and dedication to our country. If you are a current member of the military or have served, we would like to Thank a Vet With Lunch. Please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you! In addition, let us know if we can answer any questions about VA Loans ( Jim Francis at Fairway Independent Mortgage Company ) or your real estate needs ( Cindy Soderstrom at RE/MAX Signature Homes ).