The Property Brothers Reveal 2 Colors to Never, Ever Paint Your Walls

On the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Buying and Selling,” Jonathan and Drew Scott are seeing red— and they don’t like it one bit.

Of course, the laid-back bros seem rarely angry with anyone, let alone a client. But in the episode “Condo Dreams,” they see a few walls in Roseanne‘s home that must be repainted or removed if she wants to fetch top dollar. And, yes, the color red is the primary offender.

Not long ago, Roseanne’s life partner passed away, so she wants to sell their house and find a smaller place—preferably one without any yard to take care of, since she’s not big on maintenance.

And if it’s in downtown Calgary, Canada, near her work, that would be ideal. She has a budget of $600,000.

Drew and Jonathan see plenty of potential in Roseanne’s existing digs. In its current condition, it’s worth only about $600,000. But if Roseanne invests $85,000 in the renovation Jonathan envisions, the Scotts believe she’ll be able to sell it for at least $800,000—a massive $200,000 increase!

Roseanne is all in. Although she’s still fragile from her loss, she takes a deep breath and commits to realizing all that the “Property Brothers” stars have promised.

In the process, Jonathan and Drew dish out some excellent buying, selling, and remodeling advice. Take a look!

Yellow + red walls = time to repaint

When the brothers first walk into Roseanne’s home, they notice the living room is painted a pale butter color.

“Yellow walls don’t really sell these days,” says Jonathan, making a mental note to paint over that “mellow yellow.”

Then they walk into the dining area and find a few walls the color of blood. Jonathan says they need to “get rid of that angry ’90s red wall,” too. In fact, they get rid of the entire wall.

Skeletal decor is not for everyone

It’s not anywhere near Halloween, but Roseanne explains that she has skull and skeleton accessories up in her house year-round. The place doesn’t look like a crypt, mind you. These are small, subtle touches—or good bones, if you will.

Still, “I don’t think most buyers want to see skulls everywhere, so we want to get rid of some of that,” says Drew. Roseanne is fine with packing them away for showings.

Don’t make the TV the main attraction

“I’m never a huge fan of a TV being the main focal point of a room,” says Jonathan when he sees a huge, flat-screen TV dominating the center wall in the living room. “I’d love to see a better focal point,” he muses, making plans to build a beautiful fireplace in that very spot.

Quartz is not just for kitchens

Jonathan uses dark, veined quartz that looks like marble on the fireplace. It’s much less expensive, but looks equally elegant.

If you have only one bath, make it a stunner

There are 1.5 bathrooms in Roseanne’s house, but the small bath off the master is only a two-piecer, with just a toilet and a sink.

“One-and-a-half baths is a drawback for a family home,” says Jonathan.

As such, he says it’s absolutely necessary to make that one full bath a total knockout. He’ll pull out the old, dated fixtures and replace them with new ones, and use more of that dark quartz, which gives it a chic and dramatic look for a relatively small bath.

When good wood goes bad

“Are these floors original?” Jonathan asks as he notices the narrow blond wood planks underfoot. Roseanne tells him that they are, and while they’ve been refinished and look decent, they creak a lot, and are in only one room.

“Ideally you’d like to have continuous flooring through the whole house,” says Jonathan. He’ll pull up the old floors and replace them with new, wider wood planks that will flow through the entire single-story home.

Dark floors not your thing? No problem!

As Drew shows Roseanne a spacious townhouse she could purchase as her new digs, she notes that there is lots of dark wood underfoot, which she’s not crazy about, because it shows dirt and has to be vacuumed or swept more often than a more neutral-colored floor would.

Drew insists that’s no problem: “For a few thousand dollars, you can sand it and restain it light.” And in this home, which has a list price of $575,000, she could afford to do that.

Mind the condo fees

Condos with high-end amenities come with a price—the extra community fees can really take a bite out of a budget. Drew shows Roseanne homes with condo fees ranging from $200 per month, which basically includes the shoveling of walks and a little gardening, to $899, which covers use of a gym, party room, theater, rooftop recreation area, security, two parking spaces, and many other perks.

While Roseanne really likes a spacious, two-story condo, she thinks the fees are a little high. Drew comes up with a solution to lower them, telling her that parking in downtown Calgary is at a premium, so she can likely rent one of her parking spaces for around $300, which can cover a good chunk of those extra fees.

Do the ‘Property Brothers’ stars deliver?

Roseanne loves one particular condo she sees, but so does everyone else. It’s listed at $599,900, which is at the top of her budget, but Drew says she’ll have to bid at least $605,000 to get it. Roseanne thinks she can handle that, because, she points out, it’s spread out over the course of a mortgage. So $5,000 is not going to make that much of a difference in her payments.

That $5,000 over budget makes even less of a difference when Jonathan’s gorgeous reno earns Roseanne an offer of $815,000!

She’s ready to move on, and so are Jonathan and Drew.

Article by Lisa Johnson Mandell