When a Bad Deal Turns Good

Buyers & Sellers beware of who you choose to represent you and the team that brings your deal to close.

Article by Cindy Soderstrom, Broker Associate, RE/MAX Signature Homes
Diane Blair, Attorney

I received a referral from attorney Diane Blair. She had reached out because the buyer she was representing had already worked with 2 Real Estate Agents who simply could not get the deal done. Diane had represented members of this family in the past and knew that her clients needed a Realtor that could create a strategy, follow through with communication, and bring the deal to close. Thank you, Diane, for your faith in me and my process.


Rebecca Goeing, RE/MAX 2000

Introductions were made and the pursuit of finding the perfect home was quickly underway. We did find a beautiful home and prior to writing the contract, a conversation with the lender ensued. It was critical to discuss the elements of the contract prior to putting pen to paper. Conversations with the listing agent regarding timelines & tax prorations were also critical. Rebecca Goeing, RE/MAX 2000 was extremely professional in assisting with the scenario in every way.


Working with the buyers proved challenging due to work schedules, limited access to the internet and faxing. Collecting documents for the loan was difficult at best. Remember, sometimes, getting the job done requires taking extra measures and thinking out of the box.

The first 2 lenders were unable to successfully coach the buyers, collect necessary documents and ultimately, declined the loan.

Jim Francis, Fairway Independent Mortgage

Enter Jim Francis with Fairway Independent Mortgage Company. Jim was quick to act and also create a strategy to clear up some credit issues that would increase the buying power of the client.

I invited the buyers to my office to utilize our resources. Together, we worked to collect required documents and resolve outstanding issues. The staff at RE/MAX Signature Homes, my office, bent over backwards to assist in every way. My clients were extremely appreciative.


Needless to say, the Dream Team; Diane Blair, (Attorney) Jim Francis (Lender) and myself (Realtor), pulled the deal together. Our Dream Team was able to follow through with the ambitions of the client in spite of hurdles. We are thankful for the sellers patience and their agent Rebecca.


Final Walk Through

Congratulations to our buyers, Teddy & Shoshona. Dreams do come true!

Working with Rebecca from RE/MAX 2000 was a pleasure!