Take Your Pets Shopping: Ikea Unveils Furniture for Dogs and Cats


Most cat or dog owners will tell you that Fluffy and Fido aren’t just pets—they’re members of the family (who just tend to shed a bit more than the others). So instead of shooing Fido off the sofa, it might be time to buy him his very own.

To help pet parents out, Ikea unveiled a line of cat and dog furniture this month. The Lurvig (that’s Swedish for “shaggy” or “hairy”) collection ranges from 79-cent dog bowls and cat litter scoopers to a $54.98 cat house on legs, complete with bed. The line also includes necessities like bright orange leashes, pet carriers, and animal brushes.

The line was created by “pet-loving designers with support from trained veterinarians,” reads the Ikea website. The items are available in stores, but not online yet.

“It is quite important for Ikea to have a pet range that fits into our normal furniture range,” Barbara Schäfer, Ikea’s product risk assessment leader, told Fortune. Schäfer spearheaded the veterinary partnership. “As a pet owner, I can say, so far, the normal pet products are quite ugly.”

But just because you buy Fido a snazzy new dog bed doesn’t mean he won’t prefer lounging on yours, says Marc Morrone, host of the now-canceled show “Petkeeping With Marc Morrone” on Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

“Do the pets care? They couldn’t care less,” he says of outfitting your home with pet-friendly amenities. “We love our pets, and we feel guilty because we leave them home alone all day. We feel less guilty when we buy them things.”

The exceptions are things like cat trees and scratching posts.

“Cats do like spending time on cat furniture,” he says, noting that “if they’re on the cat tree, they’re not destroying our own furniture with their claws.”

Article by Clare Trapasso