Re-Setting Your Moral Compass Starts Now

Midwest folks are hearty. We are full of hospitality and warmth, no matter what the weather brings. We embrace the winter and enjoy the summer. Whether we help our neighbor by shoveling their driveway or invite them over for a backyard BBQ, our hospitality is far reaching.

Remember last winter during the Polar Vortex? We felt compelled to look in on neighbors and friends to compare notes and check status. During brutally hot summers, we look in on neighbors and friends to compare notes and check status. We make phone calls. We make grocery runs. We help each other out.

During this current time of uncertainty, let’s not forget our foundational values. Let’s remember our compassion for each other. Reset your moral compass to include hope and love. Direct it away from the fear that is rapidly growing within.

Since we have time and each other, why not reach out? Flood Social Media with positivity. Share the good that you are doing to help each other. If your neighbor or friend is sick, you can run to the pharmacy to pick up medication. If your family member needs milk or laundry detergent, get up, get out and help them.

You can sit around full of doubt and fear or you can choose love and compassion. For yourself. For your family. For your friends. This is what I am doing today. This is what I will be doing tomorrow and the next day. If you need my help, let me know. I am here for you!