Brad Pitt Teams Up With the Property Brothers for an Epic ‘Celebrity IOU’


What’s better than the stars of “Property Brothers”? How about those stars, Drew and Jonathan Scott, renovating alongside Brad Pitt?

The Scott brothers just premiered a new HGTV show, “Celebrity IOU,” where they help celebrities do a surprise renovation for a loved one. And on the premiere episode, “Brad Pitt’s Gifting a Back Yard,” Pitt calls in the brothers to help him create a stunning guesthouse for his good friend (and Santa Monica makeup artist) Jean.

This means the brothers and their crew must turn a 400-square-foot garage into a luxurious guesthouse, complete with a kitchen and full bathroom. But can they pull this off in just three weeks? Read on to find out how Pitt helps speed up the renovation, and what we can all learn about how to make guests swoon.

A Murphy bed makes a space multifunctional

Brad Pitt and Jonathan Scott relax on Jean’s comfy new couch.HGTV

As it turns out, Pitt is quite handy when it comes to renovation. On demo day he joins the brothers in busting down a wall in Jean’s garage so they can extend the floor plan a few feet.

And that extra space comes in handy when it comes time to shop for furniture. As Pitt says, he’s hoping to turn this garage into both a comfortable spot for Jean’s guests to stay and a cozy spot for her to practice makeup—so the furniture has to work for both purposes.

Who would have guessed this wall comes down to turn a living room into a bedroom?HGTV

The brothers end up finding a stylish Murphy bed that works as both a welcoming sitting area and a cozy bed. Talk about win-win!

A secret closet helps keep storage hidden

This may look like an unassuming bookshelf, but it’s actually a secret closet!HGTV

While the Scotts already know this space will need to do double duty, things get even trickier when Pitt mentions that Jean will need some storage for her many boxes of makeup and wigs.

The brothers find a creative solution by making a walk-in closet behind the bathroom. To add some fun to this storage space, they give the closet a “secret passageway” feel by installing a false bookcase that, when pulled, opens the door.

The brothers surprised both Pitt and Jean by hanging a picture of Jean’s parents on the inside door of the storage closet.HGTV

While Jean’s garage once looked like a storage warehouse, this closet hides the clutter and makes the space look like a clean, welcoming oasis.

Light fixtures can be fun

Pitt picked out these stunning lights himself.HGTV

When it comes to finishing details, Pitt knows exactly what Jean would like in her new, stylish bungalow. The brothers show him different samples for light fixtures, and while he isn’t impressed by the smaller pendant lights, he says that one larger light shade is “more fun.”

Pitt picks out the perfect light fixture.HGTV

It seems Pitt has an eye for design because his choice of big lighting fixtures really works in this small space. The color goes perfectly in the kitchen, and it brings a modern aesthetic to the bungalow.

A kitchen counter can double as a workspace

The mirror transforms this space from kitchen to makeup studio.HGTV

The brothers know this guesthouse will need some kitchen space—but it will also need an area for Jean to try out new makeup looks. So, they decide to combine these two areas by putting a light-up vanity mirror in the kitchen peninsula.

Jean loves her new mirror!HGTV

The mirror rises up and lowers down with the push of a button, transforming this kitchen into a makeup station fit for the stars. Cool!

Jonathan and Drew also choose white quartz for the countertop, which works perfectly for both a makeup table and a stylish kitchen.

Create an indoor-outdoor flow

This patio gives the guesthouse a great flow to the backyard.HGTV

Drew and Jonathan have the great idea to install a collapsible window wall so that this small space can open up to the backyard for indoor-outdoor living. But once the doors go in, the brothers realize that the space needs a back patio to feel finished.

They end up laying down some stone and adding furniture to give this guesthouse a perfect patio and a great space to sit and relax.

In the end, this patio looks perfect. It’s clean, fresh, and definitely welcoming.

Is this a ‘Celebrity IOU’ a success?

When Jean finally sees her former garage, she’s stunned. With Pitt’s modern style choices and the Scott brothers’ creative space solutions, Jean is blown away by this incredible renovation.

Article by Jillian Pretzel