Fall for This: 5 Autumn Entryway Decor Ideas That Are Just So Unexpected

DK Homes/Houzz

There’s nothing quite like a decorated entryway to make your home feel autumn-ready. In fact, this is the spot in the home where we’re most likely to channel those fall vibes—with festive pumpkins, textured wovens, and the signature colors of crimson and gold.

But if what’s trending on Instagram right now is any indication, not all autumn decor this season is so traditional.

Like we do every week, we scrolled through hundreds of decor posts on Instagram to get a pulse on what’s trending—this time with an eye on the entryway. What we found is some fall looks that bring the autumn vibes in an entirely new way.

So if you’re ready to break free from tradition this season, keep reading to give your entryway a look that feels as fresh as the season.

1. French doors

If your entryway has been feeling dark as of late, then you might just want to open things up with a set of French doors like these ones featured by @lemonleafhomeinteriors.

“All of the glasswork from the French doors allow for observations of the seasons and bring light into your home by extending sightlines,” says designer Ian Stallings of Ian Stallings Design. “Instead of hitting a wall—so to speak— this gives you one more place to look.”

Just remember: French door installation isn’t exactly a DIY project. Make sure to hire a good architect and designer to avoid costly mistakes.

Get the look: Bring the light of the seasons into your home by shopping this collection of French doors from Home Depot.

2. Blue velvet pumpkins

Decor Gold Designs

Like we said, not everything fall has to be orange. This season we’re seeing decor of all shades—and textures—like these blue velvet pumpkins featured by @decorgold.

“When adding decor for the fall seasons, why not embrace a different color,” says Michelle Harrison-McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design. “These stunning blue pumpkins add such an unexpected personality to your entryway. Thinking outside the box like this can really bring that burst of energy and excitement to a home.”

Get the look: Add some of the unexpected to your foyer by shopping these velvet pumpkins from Etsy.

3. Hanging baskets

Celebrate the harvest season by hanging a basket filled with flowers, like this one from @adventuresindecorating1. Gather up some of your favorites from the garden, or shop your local nursery for a fresh fall bouquet.

“Hanging wall-mounted baskets is a great way to add an element of texture and bringing a space together,” says Harrison-McAllister. “These ones are perfect for adding dried flowers or succulent plants to introduce some greenery at eye level and create a whole different experience for your entryway.”

Get the look: Shop these Goodpick jute hanging baskets from Amazon.

4. Mud cloth wallpaper

If you’re looking for an even bigger upgrade to make in your foyer this season, then you might just try out a mud cloth–inspired wallpaper like this one from @lizzydesigns_.

“One can imagine living in the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan or chic Hayes Valley in San Francisco with this Bohemian style,” says Stallings. “Give your space a well-traveled look by pairing this with both modern pieces and vintage finds.”

Get the look: Find the perfect wall covering for your foyer by shopping this collection of mud cloth–inspired wallpapers from Etsy.

5. Pine cone chandelier

Another way to make a big statement and celebrate the harvest season is with a giant pine cone lamp like this one from @theottohouse.

“This statement fixture has such a Nordic and organic vibe to it, not to mention the filtered light detail that dances around the walls,” says Harrison-McAllister.

“Ceiling lights often get overlooked, but can make such a big impact in your home. This fixture not only offers a wooded element, but also has a sculptural appeal that turns a simple light fixture into a work of art,” she continues.

Article by Larissa Runkle