7 Ways To Make Your Home a Cozy, Comfy Oasis This Winter

YakobchukOlena / Getty Images

As winter approaches, heralded by dark predictions from public health experts about the resurging coronavirus pandemic, we could all use some more comfort in our lives—even if only in the form of ultracozy additions around the house.

After all, now that many of us have become used to wearing pajamas as work clothes, the next step would be to just want to hide under the covers until this COVID-19 nightmare is over, right? And if you’re going to burrow under some blankets, they may as well be extra-soft.

We’ve rounded up some of the most comfortable, comforting items out there, from blankets to pillows and beyond, to help make your extended time at home feel like a warm hug. Consider them as gifts—to others or yourself—to help get you through the next few months.

1. A CBD-infused blanket

The Dream Blanket by Curfew is the world’s first CBD-infused throw.Curfew

f you’re looking to chill out while you warm up, the world’s first CBD blanket may be your new best friend.

Curfew’s Dream Blanket ($295) not only feels like you’re wrapped in your favorite gray sweatshirt, but the material includes patented, micro-encapsulated CBD beads. The capsules are ruptured by friction when the blanket is used, transferring small amounts of CBD to the skin.

Granted, the jury’s still out on whether the therapeutic effects of CBD are legit, but many believe it makes a difference. So if you’re a fan or know someone who is, this makes a great gift—it even comes in a poetically decorated box that says “Make Space to Dream.”

2. Silk pillowcases

Celestial Silk’s white marble pillowcase is as glamorous as it is comfy.Celestial Silk

Speaking of dreamy, Celestial Silk pillowcases are next level ($35.99 and up). Made of 100% mulberry silk, these pillowcases are thicker, more durable, and, well, silkier than lighter-weight brands. (They have 30% more silk than most of their competitors.) They also protect your beauty sleep, since laying your head on a silk pillowcase for the night is touted to prevent wrinkles, banish blemishes, and maintain frizz-free hair as you slumber.

While these pillowcases are available in a variety of appealing solid colors, be sure to check out the otherworldly galaxy prints or the superluxe marble for something a little different.

3. The Comfy Sack

The Comfy Sack 6-foot lounger with a long faux-fur coverComfy Sack

Like a beanbag on steroids, the Comfy Sack ($365) can function as a chair, love seat, or daybed. It comes in a variety of dimensions, but the 6-foot lounger—able to accommodate two cuddling adults or one who just wants to stretch out for a quality nap—remains one of the company’s most popular sellers.

Heavy enough to feel supportive (it runs about 70 pounds) but soft enough to sink into, thanks to its memory foam core, the Comfy Sack has a removable, washable cover and comes in a wide range of colors and fabrics.

4. Weighted electric blanket

This heated and weighted blanket is the first combo throw.Pure Enrichment

Many swear by the comfort of weighted blankets, but if you need more warmth than they can typically provide, you’ll want to step up to the Pure Enrichment WeightedWarmth blanket ($119.99). This electric weighted blanket is the first of its kind to combine the therapeutic benefits of weight with heat, and is backed by a five-year warranty.

5. The Florida King

The whole family and a pet can fit in this jumbo-sized bed.City Furniture

Does your whole family—pets included—need more space in bed? Then behold the Florida King. Measuring 7.5 feet long and 9 feet wide, this luxurious bed is almost 3 feet larger than a standard king mattress and even bigger than the widely known California King.

While people often pay a small fortune for custom-made beds of this size, this one comes with the mattress, frame, sheets, and all the accessories for around $1,500.

6. Wedge pillow

Use this pillow to support your back in bed or on the couch.Cushy Form

Let’s face it, we’ve all been spending a lot more time sitting on our couches and beds this year. But that’s not always great for backs, necks, knees, or circulation!

One thing that can help is the Cushy Form wedge pillow ($56.99). Thanks to its flexible, 5-in-1 design, you can change it up to support whatever needs a little extra. Made of high-density memory foam, it takes the shape of your body and can also help alleviate snoring, in case your significant other is keeping you up at night.

7. Foot warmer

You’ll never have cold feet again with this foot warmer.Pure Enrichment

Who needs shoes anymore, right? Life via Zoom means you can trade in those pinchy dress heels for the PureRelief deluxe foot warmer ($49.99). It’s as if an electric blanket and your sherpa-lined slippers had a baby.

With four temperature settings from 110 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and a drawstring around each ankle to make sure all the heat stays on your feet, you need never suffer from cold extremities again.

Article by Kimberly Dawn Neumann