Cool Home Decor Hacks That Cost $3 (or Less!);;

How you decorate can make or break your home’s appearance—but it can also break the bank. On one hand, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by lovely, eye-catching items? But on the other, can you really justify blowing a bundle on pillows and candles?

No, we can’t either. And, thankfully, we don’t have to.

Check out these cool home decor hacks that cost $3 or less for your pantry, pillows, lamps, and beyond.

Pillar candles

Perennially plain ivory pillar candles get a fun and funky face-lift with the help of a little tape. Allison Griffith of Refunk My Junk creates DIY washi tape candles but notes that you can use electrical tape if you have it on hand. Just remember to remove those stripes before you light them.

Adding tape to create a unique candle is a bright idea you’ll use again and again.Refunk My

Decorative doorknobs

Add instant character to your door with a bit of

A $3 can of spray paint is all it takes to elevate these doorknobs from dated to decorative in no time. Rene Peery Beagle, aka the Domestic Lady, notes that this is a perfect project for DIY novices, and can add a touch of elegance to your doors and overall decor.


If you’ve admired the colorful countertop jars at your local Anthropologie but didn’t want to cough up the big bucks for them, Sarah Khandjian of Sarah Hearts shares the secret to creating knockoffs for practically pennies. Just slap chalkboard adhesives onto jars so you can write (and change) the label based on what’s inside.

Chalkboard adhesives take your regular spice cabinet to new

Repurposed Mason jars

In case you didn’t already recognize the versatility of the almighty Mason jar, here’s another reason to love the go-to canning favorite. Lauren Shaver of Bless’er House puts the glasses to work as a decorative addition to a vanity light fixture. Spray-painted in oil-rubbed bronze, this light looks like a vintage piece you’d pay a pretty penny to own.

Skip preserving that jam and create this clever sconce

Cute throw pillows

If you can’t look at a bandana without picturing singer Bret Michaels, we’re about to change that mental image for you. Heather T. of Heathered Nest takes the country-style kerchiefs and turns them into cute-as-can-be throw pillows. They’re available at the dollar store in an array of colors. So go ahead, go bandanas!

Bandanas—they’re not just for pirates anymore!Heathered

Organizer for measuring cups and spoons

If your measuring cups routinely cascade onto your head when you open a kitchen cabinet, or you spend hours looking for a tablespoon, you’ll want to try this clever home improvement hack from Beckie Farrant at Infarrantly Creative. Just grab a yardstick or paint stirrer, and mark where each measuring tool goes, add hooks, and you’ve got an organized storage solution in minutes.

Find those measuring tools at a glance instead of hunting through

Fancy mirror

Transform an old mirror with the help of some colorful clothespins. The tutorial, shared by Aunt Peaches, makes it sound so simple, you may find yourself buying  more clothespins to fancy up other decor.

Dye your clothespin to match or offset your decor, and sit back and watch your guests admire your

Stylish chair

This inexpensive office chair makeover is an attractive addition to your home office. Allison Murray of Dream a Little Bigger took a seat and gave it a new lease on life with two cans of paint and a little TLC.

This retro desk chair gets a new look thanks to a fresh coat of spray paint.
Article by Liz Alterman