8 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

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Trying to figure out how to throw a Super Bowl party in your apartment? The good news is all you really need is a TV and a guest list to get things started.

However, you can raise the bar and create a winning guest list, decor, snacks, and games. That’ll turn your Super Bowl party into a new annual tradition!

Whether you’re a Chiefs or Niners fan, or just love to be the host, here’s everything to consider when planning the ultimate Super Bowl party.

1. Who to Invite

The sky’s the limit with your Super Bowl party guest list. That is, until you consider the pros and cons.

Inviting a mix of fans from rivaling teams may lead to scuffles and arguments that your apartment can’t contain. Or, it could provide fun camaraderie all evening long.

Meanwhile, inviting your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors can provide a festive mix of guests. Or, it could mean your Mom is sharing baby pictures of you to your boss.

Remember to keep the size of your apartment in perspective, too. Inviting over dozens of people to a one-bedroom with a small common area is going to get crowded fast.

Invite a handful of people that you enjoy spending time with. Then, meet up at a bar for a post-game drink with the rest of your crew.

Apartment List

2. Set the Stage

Flipping on your television may get the game going. However, it also requires some finessing.

A great quality picture to watch the game is a must. You can consider upgrading your TV for the occasion.

You could also think about what you could easily enhance with a few add-ons. Install some external speakers or a soundbar. That’ll make your Super Bowl party feel larger than life!

Your guests are going to need to stretch out and lounge. Add some extra seating to your room. That can include folding chairs, old trunks, ottomans, or stools.

Including some oversized throw pillows to the mix can help soften up the room. It also provides comfortable seating in a pinch.

3. Super Bowl Decor

Get festive with your Super Bowl party decor and make it a memorable event! Grab mason jars and add white tape to resemble football laces. Then, add tea, beer, or soda to turn them into footballs.

A  tablecloth that looks like a football field makes snacking fun. You can also dress up your apartment with your favorite team colors. Find everything you need on the cheap at your local party supply store.

Complete your Super Bowl look by reaching for the football beer cozies. You could also get an ice bucket that resembles a football and cupcakes that look like footballs.

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4. Delicious Drinks

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you already know that beer is a prerequisite for any Super Bowl party. Instead of passing out an endless stream of beer bottles, tap a keg and keep it flowing throughout the game.

Or, try something different this year with a vodka, beer, limeade and club soda Super Bowl Punch. Add in some fresh fruit to make it that much better. Nothing says party like a punch bowl! Just remember to have beverages for your sober guests.

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5. Satisfying Appetizers

Appetizers are a must-have for a Super Bowl spread. Opt for easy crowd-pleasers that you can warm up in minutes. Top picks include wings, pigs in a blanket, egg rolls, and chicken tenders.

Cheese and onion dips are also popular. Many people also enjoy vegetable platters to nibble on nervously during a play.

Have you ever heard of trash can nachos? Pile your nachos on top of each other until you have a tower of cheesy goodness.

For something less ambitious, fresh guacamole and salsa pair perfectly with tortilla chips for a game-pleasing snack.

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6. Eat-’em-up Entrees

Appetizers just scratch the surface of what to serve at a Super Bowl party. Cook up hearty entrees to fuel your guests throughout the party. Just make sure nothing you make requires slaving around in the kitchen all day.

Focus on slow cooker recipes like chili, pulled pork, and macaroni and cheese. Those are options can stay warm for hours.

Beef sliders and bratwursts are also well-received. With those, you can do all the prep work in advance before sliding them into the oven on cookie sheets.

Throw in pizza, meatballs, and sub sliders. That’ll round out your Super Bowl entree list!

7. Super Bowl Party Games

Keep spirits high with Super Bowl-inspired games in your own apartment. A friendly wager is always a good place to start, as is squares.

If you’ve never played, you probably need a quick tutorial for Super Bowl squares. It involves an empty 10 x 10 grid and assigning one team to the columns and the other to the rows. It’s essentially betting on the score after each quarter and takes literally no skill. The perfect friendly gambling game!

Include Super Bowl commercial bingo to your game list. That’s a fun activity for guests during the endless commercial breaks. You can find Super Bowl Bingo cards for purchase online or get ideas to make your own.

Some of the options might include famous actors, beer companies, sodas, and chip brands. Add a smartie, pretzel, or M&M to the card when you see the commercial. Then, see who wins first!

8. Send Everyone Home Safely

A Super Bowl party has a way of lowering inhibitions and breaking your policy on how many drinks is too many. Make sure everyone gets home safely by arranging for rideshares like Uber, public transportation, or free public shuttles.

Encourage everyone to ditch their car from the start. That way, there’s no temptation to drive home.

You can always meet up for a boozy brunch and discuss the game the next day. That’ll give people the chance to retrieve any stray cars.

A successful Super Bowl party is all about keeping things fun, festive, and having a few surprises. From snacks to games, keep your guests guessing about what’s next. The party may end up being better than the actual game!

Article by Justin Chaplin