Must Love Cats! New Orleans’ Crescent City Cat Club Is Worth Meowing About

Tim Graham/Getty Images, Craig Fremin

A home usually filled with furry felines is ready for a new owner to curl up and call the place home.

Known as the Crescent City Cat Club, the home on Marigny Street in New Orleans is on the market for $550,000.

“It’s unique because it’s used as a residence and a rescue,” explains the listing agent, Samara Poché. “The property was previously used just as a residence, and the current owner decided to create a nonprofit, helping adopt cats to people who want them.”

There are two structures on the property. The main house was built in 1871 and is a converted shotgun-double. It was converted to its current use in 2017.

Most of the rooms are now totally devoted to feline friends and festooned with bright colors, fun art, and places for cats to play and be comfortable.

“She’s got a full-blown kitten room, which is really sweet. And she does have a separate apartment in the back where she lives,” Poché says. “She’s got a full staff of volunteers that come to help her there, and people can join in and visit.”

xterior of home in New OrleansCraig Fremin

Divided down the center, the main house has two kitchen areas and two bathrooms at the rear. The front of the home is where you’ll find at least five rooms on both sides devoted to cats. The rear of the house is devoted to human living space—but cats are still welcome, of course.

“It’s got a funky vibe, and it’s still kind of sweet,” Poché says. “If you like animals at all, you can see that the owner’s heart has been planted right here—and she really does love cats. It is obvious when you walk in there, because it is cats everywhere, and the cats are obviously happy there. It just gives out this happy vibe.”

Outside is what the owner calls the “catio,” where clients can hang out in a colorful space with kitties.

The cat club opened in 2017, and is the first in the city where people pay a fee to hang out and play with several cats. The cats are also available for adoption.

The owner is moving to California and is looking for someone to continue her mission.

“[The perfect buyer is] somebody that loves cats,” Poché says. “We’re already talking to some people who are cat lovers who are thinking about coming in and recreating the cat cafe.”

The house is in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, not far from the French Quarter.

“It’s very convenient to get anywhere you want to from there,” Poché explains. “You can walk to a big grocery store, a coffee shop, some art galleries, restaurants—everything right within walking distance.”

Poché says she has high expectations for this property.

“I hope we can find somebody who’s a cat-loving person to take over this house and continue cat rescue in New Orleans,” she says. “You just have to step outside and see that there are feral cats everywhere, and it’s the humane thing to do.”

Article by Tiffani Sherman